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Your Cabinet Door Style Guide

Your Cabinet Door Style Guide

Choosing a cabinet door style is like choosing a hat. If you put one on, it’ll often be the first thing someone sees! Your door choice can make or break your kitchen. Considering how your door style fits your décor as well as how functional the door is in your particular kitchen are both important to a satisfying kitchen remodel. Luckily, there are many cabinet door options to choose from and we’ve crafted an in-depth guide to help you choose.

Slab Doors

If you’re looking for non-descript cabinet doors, then slab doors are as good as it gets. As the name applies, slab doors lack any form of ornateness; they are smooth and featureless. Is this style boring? Not at all! Slab doors fit both modern and classic interiors and are easy to resurface and paint. Because slab doors are like a “blank slate”, your choice in hardware will be what makes them look old or new school.

Great for: classic or contemporary kitchens. Cabinetry where you want your hardware choice to be the star of the show.





Shaker Doors

Named after the “shaker” style of classic, austere furniture, shaker doors are simple, clean, and practical. While this style of door is a classic, it’s popular even today because it blends so well with many types of décor, from classic, farmhouse, and even modern.

If you’re looking for a door that won’t make waves, but will blend in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen, the shaker doors are perfect.

Great for: classic or contemporary kitchens. Kitchens where you want your cabinetry to blend in but still inform the space




Half Overlay Doors

Also known as “standard overlay” or “partial overlay”, these doors have plenty of decorative embellishments that can make your cabinetry a focal point. What makes them “half” or “partial?” The doors are centered on your cabinets and do not completely overlap the full height or width of the cabinets themselves. If you have a larger kitchen, then this style of ornate doors can breathe within the space and look great.

Great for: classic kitchens make the best use of this aesthetic. Half overlay doors are great for large kitchens that have room for your cabinetry to breathe.




Full Overlay Doors

As the name implies, full overlay doors feature door panels that cover the entire cabinet compared to the aforementioned half, standard, or partial overlay door style. Full overlays are popular in Europe and contemporary kitchens in all parts of the world. What makes them special? Because the door spans almost the entire cabinet, you maximize your use of that cabinet space. Also, because this style of door lays flat, you can install low-profile cabinetries to maximize your cabinet space even in a smaller kitchen.

Great for: classic kitchens make the best use of this aesthetic. However, full overlay doors truly shine in kitchens that require a lot of cabinet space.





Recessed Panel Doors & Raised Panel Doors

Think of recessed and raised panels as a subgroup of shaker, full overlay, and half overlay door styles. Recessed panel doors feature ornate beveling that is recessed within the door, while raised panels are the opposite. Both doors refer simply to the level of decorative features on each door.

Great for: classic or kitschy kitchen spaces. Ornate cabinetry, while not to “modern” architectural tastes, fit perfectly well in classic or eclectic homes.




Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

We’ll leave it up to you to find the right cabinet door for your kitchen. However, we find that considering the right balance between style and function usually gets you the best result, and a kitchen that makes you happy for years to come.

Of course, when you’re ready to buy your doors, don’t forget that we’re the best resource for low-cost cabinetry!