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6 of the Most Worthwhile Winter Renovations

When we think of winter, we often do not think of home renovations. It’s often too cold to work that miter or table saw outside, so who would want to tackle a home project? The truth is, winter can be the perfect season for smaller renovations that don’t require a lot of sweat equity.

Why? For the simple fact that we’re inside most of the day. Rather than lament the cold, blustery weather and dramatic lack of sunlight, focus on giving your home a little TLC instead. Soon enough, you’ll finish your project just in time for spring!

Light Fixtures to Beat the Winter Blues

When was the last time you paid attention to the light fixtures adorning your home? Are they looking a little worse for wear? Or maybe they simply don’t match your aesthetic; a callback from a previous homeowner.

Whatever the case, updating your fixtures can be a simple way to revitalize almost any space in your home. Best yet, 99% of the time no wiring is needed, so anyone should be able to tackle this project. With new fixtures, we’d also recommend rethinking your bulb situation. Switch to LEDs and go for warm light.

Countertops are Out-of-Season & Priced Lower

Countertops require very little back-and-forth from the hardware store to your home, so they can be a good project in the winter. Most (if not all) of the work can be done indoors as well. Furthermore, the materials and labor of getting a contractor to do your countertops can be a little cheaper in the winter, where work slows.

However, if you’re a DIY type of person, then check out our countertop options, take advantage of all that time indoors, and give your kitchen a new look this winter!

Cabinetry Can Breathe New Life into a Tired Kitchen

It’s no secret that we specialize in cabinetry. We sell both the cabinets themselves as well as the hardware. However, what may be a secret is how simple hanging cabinets can be if you’re handy enough.

However, anyone can update their cabinet hardware. All it takes is a screwdriver! If you’re not quite ready to completely replace your cabinets, you can also paint your existing ones to breathe new life into them. Take them down into your basement, lay out a drop cloth, and get to work!

Bathroom Faucets Are Simple Yet Impactful

Sure, there will come a day when you finally reach your limit and take a sledgehammer to that old bathroom. You know; the one with the Pepto Bismol pink tile all across the walls. However, for now, you can change it up significantly by simply swapping out the faucets. With a tiny bit of plumbing know-how (do you know how to use an adjustable wrench?) you can update your bathroom faucets and give it a touch of extra style.

Use Your Extra Home Time to Spruce Up Your Laundry Room

Laundry rooms can be drab and functional; many of them are. However, wouldn’t it be nice to be as proud of that space as you are about your bedroom or living room? With a deep clean and a trip to your favorite retailer for some budget-friendly organizational pieces, you could have one of those ultra-modern and organized laundry rooms that you’ve always dreamed about.

Spruce Up Your Walls

Last but not least, have you considered rolling some new paint on those walls? Painting your interior serves two purposes; it gives your living space a splash of new color, and will also hide those scuffs, blemishes, and scratches that your walls might have accrued over the years.

If you have kids, then painting your walls every 2 years can give you a blank slate from the wear and tear their horseplay causes. Even if you don’t have kids, new paint just feels good and can give you something fresh to look at when you’re cooped up this season.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Many of the most satisfying home renovations are about working smarter not harder. The truth is, you don’t have to completely demo your home to give it a new lease on life. Instead, think of many smaller things you can do and, soon enough, they’ll start to stack up and make a huge impact.

Any time of the year is a good time to start loving your home again. However, no one can deny that winter keeps you indoors more than most seasons, and what else are you going to do? Keep the winter blues at bay by keeping your mind and busy rehabbing your home one project at a time.

Don’t forget to come to us for all of your cabinetry and countertop needs!