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Choosing Cabinet Hardware

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Cabinet Hardware

How much thought should you put into your cabinet hardware? To be quite honest, it’s one of those simple details that can be an afterthought for many homeowners and can drive some of us crazy with the vast multitude of options to choose from. Where do we land in that spectrum?

We like to find that space right in the middle. A thoughtful, creative approach to your cabinet hardware can really make your space pop without requiring much more than some brainstorming and a screwdriver.

There Are Two Types of Hardware

In the cabinetry world, there are only two primary categories of hardware, the knob, and the pull. The knob is exactly what you’d think and a pull is an official word for that classic “handle” shape. The difference between the two is cosmetic in many cases.

In our opinion, the ergonomic difference between the two is minor. We’d suggest you choose your hardware based on your personal space. Of the two, which is more practical, which creates more of a statement? Ask yourself these questions when deciding. The standard in our industry, which is not hard and fast, is that knobs typically fit cabinets and pulls are great for drawers. However, having some fun with these “rules” can be a statement all its own.

Are Your Tastes Heritage, Modern, or Somewhere In-between?











When describing hardware styles, most manufacturers will use the terms “heritage” and “modern” to try and quantify the style of their knobs and pulls. To put it simply, a modern style is typically more minimalist in its look, choosing a flat, matte look over something more lustrous.

On the contrary, heritage styles tend to be ornate. Think of cut crystal and etched bronze; styles you might find in a Victorian-era home.

Like all things, heritage and modern are on a spectrum. There is plenty of room between the two and a lot of overlap. Beyond that, it’s not unheard of to choose modern hardware for a vintage home or heritage hardware for a modern home. You do you; it’s the thought that counts! 

Mix-And-Match Is Okay

Choosing a hardware material can make your head spin. Bronze, copper, steel, wood, plastic; all options have their place in your home. The truth is, it’s totally okay to mix metals (such as brass fixtures and black hardware) as long as you pay attention to the harmony that those materials create within your space. You want your choices to complement one another, not compete.

If your kitchen is full of stainless steel appliances, then simple black matte hardware might be all you need. Black matches with almost everything, and it’s one of the best colors to match with the challenging aesthetic of stainless.

Size Matters













When choosing between a knob or a pull, you’ll want to ensure you find hardware that fits your cabinetry. Proportionally, we suggest you go with a 1:3 ratio when choosing a pull. What does that mean? Simply divide the width of your drawer or cabinet by 3, and that number is the width you want in a pull. For instance, a 12″ drawer would benefit from a 4″ pull.

Knobs are much easier to eyeball. For one thing, they typically come in 1” or 1.5” sizes, so there’s not much difference in the size of the knob you can find. We suggest using 2 knobs in cases where a cabinet or drawer is above 30” long.

Make Sure You Have a Strong Finish

When it comes to coordinating colors, we like to go back to the heritage and modern spectrum to help us choose something that is ultimately cohesive. A general rule of thumb is to choose light-colored cabinets and darker hardware for a more heritage look and to do the opposite for a modern look.

As with all things, once you understand the rules of cabinetry you are then empowered to break them! We suggest you use this guide to understand the universal concepts of cohesive style and then do what you think looks attractive. After all, these are decisions you’re making for your home. However, if you take us at our word, then we can assure you that you’ll design an attractive space around these rules. 

Also, don’t forget that we offer many high-quality hardware brands; don’t limit yourself to the small hardware section at your local hardware store. With us, the only limitation is your imagination!