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Yes, You Can Accomplish a Kitchen Makeover in a Weekend














For many homeowners, the “kitchen makeover” feels like a pipe dream; something to wish for but not something to actually obtain. While a full kitchen renovation can cost plenty of time and money, there are clever ways to reinvigorate your kitchen space without spending much of either.
Yes, it’s completely possible to completely renew your kitchen in as little as a single weekend, for less than $1,000. Depending on your thriftiness, you may end up spending less than half that! Let’s dive into some simple tricks to make big changes to your kitchen.
Shop Around for Light Fixtures
Changing out your light fixtures can have a huge impact on the look of your space. Consider recessed lighting, or even contemporary hanging lights, depending on your taste. You’d be surprised by how budget-friendly modern LED lighting is at big-box retailers.
If you enjoy chasing a bargain, consider shopping around a reuse store like Restore by Habitat for Humanity. These places typically have an entire section dedicated to secondhand lighting, much of it is high-quality.

Spray Paint Your Cabinets to Bring in New Color

While we always recommend new cabinets if yours are looking a little long in the tooth, there’s nothing wrong with giving your current ones a refresh and if you can’t yet afford the expense. Painting cabinets is often seen as a huge undertaking, which it can be if you’re not informed and prepared. We recommend starting with this tutorial and taking it from there.

Add a Shiplap or Wallpaper Accent

Do you have a kitchen island or peninsula? Depending on its era, it could look dreadfully out of touch with modern design sensibilities. If this is the case, all you need is to invest in some faux shiplap or peel-and-stick wallpaper to cover up that ugly wood paneling and give it a modern look. Faux shiplap can be applied with a nail gun or adhesive and peel and stick is just that; peel and stick!

Replace Your Electrical Plates

No matter how clean you keep your kitchen, it’s impossible to keep kitchen electrical plates completely free of grease. Eventually, they’ll turn a dingy yellow color that simply can’t be washed off. If this is the case, replace the covers with brand new white ones. If you have the electrical prowess, you can replace the outlets themselves to make the outlets and switches themselves gleam. If not, we recommend

Taymac’s Revive line of outlet covers will mask your old, dingy outlet hardware with new white ones.

Change-Out Cabinet Hardware

Lastly, sometimes all you need to do is change your hardware. We offer cabinet hardware that spans many different design styles to fit your tastes and rejuvenate your kitchen. Whether your taste is contemporary, minimal, farmhouse, or somewhere in-between the all, we have designs that will breathe new life into your cabinetry with very little work!

Keep it Simple

We are advocates of keeping it simple. By all means, make things as complicated as you want. Yet, sometimes the most gratifying renovations are ones where you rely most on ingenuity rather than time and money. If you’re not up for gutting your kitchen but still want to change things up, then we’ll help you start it on Saturday and get it done by Sunday night.